"Michael was right. I mean, just look at you. You...are a monster...Lucifer. If only you could see what has happened to you. If only you could see...what you have become. And for that and because of what you have done and for rejecting my offer, I will be forced to watch you and your remaining angels, who are not just your siblings but my siblings too, be cast out of Heaven...and fall so far from grace! But in the future, don't say I never tried to give you a second chance, Lucifer. I'll see you at the edge of Heaven...little brother."
—Oracle to Lucifer

Oracle, also known as The Original Angel, is a supremely powerful primordial Seraphim Angel of the Lord, making him among the oldest and most powerful supernatural beings in the universe, right next to the God and Death themselves. Oracle is not only God's very first angel ever created, but he was also God's very first creation, and is the oldest, strongest, and most powerful angel in all of creation.

In Heaven, Oracle is God's closest and chief adviser and ranks as an admiral in God's army, being the highest ranking angel in all of Heaven, even higher ranking then the Archangels. Much like Gabriel, Oracle is also incredibly compassionate towards his family, including his father and the oldest of his younger siblings.

After Oracle was created, God decided to create the Archangels, Cherubim, Powers, Principalities, Malakhim, Dominions, Virtues, Thrones, and Ophanim. God wanted Oracle to train them to fight and/or send messages and Oracle agreed to train them, but only if God were to promise him that He would never order Oracle to kill angels. So God agreed and created the other angels.

Thus, Oracle became the trainer the Heavenly Host, including the Archangels, as he is "The Original Angel." He taught all angels how to be commanders, leaders, warriors, soldiers, messengers, attendants, and guardians. But when Lucifer defies God and leads a rebellion against Heaven, Oracle is among those angels that was still loyal to God, but Oracle, like the rest of those still loyal to God, is ordered to fight in the rebellion.

And he kills a great number of his brothers and sisters. Because he was betrayed by his brother, this War in Heaven devastated and betrayed Oracle, but watching Lucifer being cast out of Heaven, this had sadden him even more.


Created long before the beginning of the dawn of time itself, Oracle was the very first and oldest angel that God ever created, as well as the very first of all Gods creations, hence being dubbed "The Original Angel". As God and Death have existed since the beginning, God eventually created the perfect celestial being, a Primordial Seraphim Angel of near incalculable power. And then He raised that angel and taught him how to control his powers and named him Oracle. Oracle first came into existence when God desired to have a son similar to Him. Oracle also saw Death as someone worth coexisting with. He got along very well with both God and Death. When God created the Archangels, Oracle was overjoyed. Being older than his brothers and sisters Michael, Lucifer, Ariel, Uriel, Sariel, Raphael, and Gabriel, Oracle comforted the new archangels on the day of their creation, forming a deep bond with them, including Ariel. God wanted Oracle to train them an after consideration in his personal quarters, Oracle agreed but only under the condition that he would raise and train them his way and that God would never order Oracle to kill angels. God then agreed to Oracle's terms.

Fall From GraceEdit

The Rebellion of the MorningstarEdit

Sparring with the ArchangelsEdit

While he was sitting in Heaven's stadium arena, Oracle was about to be attacks by all the archangels. Oracle then swiftly counterattacks all his siblings, causing a fight between himself and the seven archangels. Oracle fight the Archangels simultaneously and is able to hold his own for quite a while. However, they would keep coming back for more. In the middle of the brawl, at one point, Oracle was able to grab hold of a staff-like weapon.

During the Arena Brawl, Oracle takes on the seven archangels at the same time. Using it, Oracle is able to engage the archangels. Finally, thinking they had him in defeat, Oracle was tackled by the seven archangels as they dog-pile on top of him. Mustering extreme strength and determination, Oracle pushed upward, sending the archangels flying. Grabbing hold of the opportunity at hand, Oracle flew straight up into the sky, causing the archangels to follow him. But without them noticing, he took them all down and defeated them.

The Training of the Heavenly HostEdit

With aid of the Archangels, Oracle also mentors the Holy Host, training all angels that wanted to be fighters. Oracle basically builds the entire Angelic Order with his own bare hands and also raises them, including the archangels, Ariel the most of all. As the Archangels grow older, they helped him train and raise other younger angels as well, and so on and so forth.

The Creation of HumankindEdit

Eventually, long after forming the Holy Host, God created the Earth. And then sometime later, God creates humanity and decides to choose them as the object of His love and commanded that each and every one of His angels, including Oracle, were to honor humans by bowing down to them, loving and serving them even more than God Himself. And Oracle becomes the very first angel to obediently obey that order when God asked all His angels to do so. When God sends Michael to deliver this message to Lucifer, Oracle asks God is Lucifer will follow the order. God knows that he will as Lucifer loves Him to much, but Oracle says that is what is worrying him.

Lucifer's DisobedienceEdit

But when Lucifer defies this order and refuses to bow down before humanity and challenges God's authority, rebelling against his own father, Oracle is surprised, shocked, betrayed, and heartbroken that Lucifer could do such a thing like that. And after Lucifer leaves and declares war, Oracle then prepares the angels for war.

The RebellionEdit

So when Lucifer returned to convince Michael to join him and after Michael rejected Lucifer's request and battled in Heaven, Oracle had been waiting in God's room for Samuel, who was sent by Lucifer to take God hostage. Oracle is then forced to kill so many of his siblings "left and right, back and forth, this way and that", and is also devastated when Lucifer himself killed so many of his younger siblings. While Michael and Lucifer's army were battling each other and Michael and Lucifer fought each other themselves, oracle halted Samuel and his angels.

Each angel taking out a bow and arrow, the angels fire continuously at Oracle, who stopped the arrows midair with ease. Turning them into ashes on the floor, the surprised Samuel replied "Okay you clearly have skills you never taught us. Kill him." With that command, the angels engaged in a fight against Oracle.

Unarmed, they proceed to grab various weapons hanging on the walls about the main hall. Oracle defends himself as long as he could, dodging and attacking the angels constantly without stopping at all. Realizing he wouldn't last long without a weapon, Oracle leaped onto the second floor and grabbed two angelic blades with his telekinetic powers.

He reentered the fray, attacking each angel one after another, immobilizing or defeating many of the angels. Eventually, he left them behind to kill one particularly troublesome angel and instead opted for a sword. Oracle methodically defended himself from the remaining angels, eventually defeating another. With three remaining, Oracle finally defeats them all with ease, leaving Samuel alone.

Oracle then witnessed God leave and go out to cause the battle to cease.

The Celestial CouncilEdit

Meeting with the Celestial Council, oracle had his head and eyes down the entire time and did not say anything until God had agreed to banish Lucifer from Heaven. When the Lord asked for his opinion, Oracle said that he was as devastated by Lucifer's act of treachery as much as the rest of them. But he did not want to give up on Lucifer, so he convinced them to give Lucifer a second chance. Upon doing so, he headed down to Heaven's Dungeon.

Heaven's DungeonEdit

Oracle headed down to the Celestial Penitentiary, where Lucifer was being held for his crime, and tried to convince his brother to take the offer or be banished from Heaven for eternity. Although Lucifer considered the offer, he rejected and said it was because he knows humankind will always be flawed. When oracle proved him wrong and said that Lucifer forced him to do the one thing he hates, Lucifer berated Oracle, saying that nobody makes him do anything. Oracle then calls Lucifer a monster and will now be forced to watch him and the angels under his command be cast from Heaven.

Lucifer's BanishmentEdit

When Lucifer and his remaining angels come to the Gates of Heave, Oracle appeared to be in a moment of sadness to see Lucifer be cast out of Heaven and fall to the Earth. So with Lucifer and his remaining Legion of Angels cast out of Heaven, Oracle remains alongside his remaining siblings and his father. While looking at the gate, Oracle approached God and asked him if they really did the right thing.


Oracle is an extremely strong, determined, cautious, compassionate, over-protective, aware, calm, soft-spoken, selfless, experience, and unpredictable celestial being. He is also extremely loyal and has a loving nature. He holds humans in high regard, despite their many faults, something most other angels didn't have. Oracle has a lot of respect and admiration for human life, which is unseen in many other angels, and he is normally very reluctant to kill anyone when unnecessary. Oracle strongly believes in trust, honesty and loyalty and whenever he gives his word to someone, he always keep it and he doesn't break those promises unless he has a good reason.

When it comes to his father, Oracle has faith in God. While he admits he may not always entirely understand and has not always completely understood what God wants and may question his reasoning, he always follows his father to the best of his abilities. Oracle also said that he is, "The kind of son that gave his father what he needed, not what he asked for." This has caused other angels to label him as naive, but also peculiar. Lucifer has once displayed this attitude, with him calling Oracle a hypocrite for refusing to rebel in order to gain more freedom. To his father God, however, Oracle is highly loyal and follows his father's orders without a lot of question, as sees himself as "a good son", and that is one of the things that matter most to him. He loves his father dearly and never loses his faith or his love for the Lord. However, despite his zealous trust in his father's commands, Oracle does believe in free will, even for himself; whereas Michael doesn’t believe in free will, even for himself, and believes everything that occurs is how God planned it, Oracle knows that it’s not entirely how God foresaw it. Another thing that makes him such a great angel is his ability to get inside an opponent's head and turn the tables on them just as their own plan was reaching fruition and this also makes him very unpredictable.

More than anything in the universe, Oracle loves all of his younger brothers and sisters dearly, most notably the archangels, including Michael, even Lucifer, especially Gabriel and most of all Ariel. Oracle doesn't hate many things in the Universe, in fact there is next to nothing he hates. But the one thing in the universe he hates the most more than everything else is killing his own kind. When Lucifer defies God and leads a rebellion against Him, Oracle is among those still loyal to God, but is also ordered to fight in the rebellion. And Oracle once again "killed so many of my brothers and sisters, left and right, back and forth, this way and the other." He hates it so much that it goes against every fiber of his being and that every time he does it, not only does it ache at him and nearly destroy him, but sometimes, his pain gets worse.

Though he is not the commander of the Host of Heaven, many angels see him as one. Oracle is also a strong leader, having set up an understandable and sturdy hierarchy in Heaven once he started to rule it and the universe, along with rules and punishments; likewise, his rule was described as by Ariel as "honest". And whenever his siblings did something wrong or didn't follow their orders, he would ask them why and then he would forgive them in a heartbeat. Despite this, Oracle punished any who displayed disobedience with either stripping them of their position on the hierarchy, stripping them of their grace and descending them to Earth, or worse...death. However, this punishment, if any punishment at all in general, was very rare. In fact, any form punishments for his siblings were rare at all.

Oracle can be very wrathful, particularly with anyone who threatens his family. In general, Oracle is a highly emotionally hardened character and has difficulty, at times, handling and accepting certain emotions.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

"It is true. I trained you. All that you know, I have shown you, yes. But I have never shown you everything that I know."
—Oracle, about himself
"No-one, Oracle...and I mean NO-ONE, not me, not Michael, not Death, not even Father Himself, NO-ONE ever makes you do anything!!"
Lucifer's description of Oracle's power and absolute authority

Being the Original Angel and as the very first angel ever to be created by God in general, Oracle is the oldest, strongest, mightiest, highest-ranking, and most powerful angel under God's command, making Oracle among the oldest and most powerful supernatural being to exist in creation in the entire supernatural universe, possessing nigh-supreme godlike powers, with the only ones being more powerful than him are God and Death themselves, as his powers are second only to theirs. Oracle has possesses incredibly astounding abilities, being endowed with god-like powers and abilities, as his powers are similar to those of God Himself, making Oracle incalculably stronger and faster than all of his siblings, including the archangels (as his power exceeds theirs). Being the Original Angel, Oracle is more powerful than even his Archangel siblings. Zachariah describes Oracle as the only being, besides God, Death, and Michael, to be stronger than Lucifer. Only God and Death are known to be more powerful than Oracle. Even Lucifer seemed so sure of Oracle's powers that he felt confident that if Oracle joined him and his fellow rebels, they would be beyond powerful enough to not only challenge Heaven but also overthrow their own father. In addition, as the Original Angel, Oracle possesses powers and abilities unique to himself and he can do things that not even the archangels themselves can do, not even Michael, Gabriel, or even Lucifer. His Original Seraphim Angel powers and abilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Seraphim Physiology - As the Original Seraphim and the very first angel ever created, Oracle is astonishingly powerful, much more powerful that any angel in the history of all creation. Considering the fact that he is the strongest and most powerful angel in the history of all creation, his powers far outclass that of other angels, enough to even rival and surpass that of the Archangels at their peak. However, he can be matched by the Archangels and is surpassed only by Death and God. Despite this, he is arguably the most powerful angel in the history of all creation.
    • Nigh-Omnipotence - As the Original Angel and being the first, oldest, and most powerful angelic celestial being, Oracle is among the most powerful supernatural beings in existence in the universe, possessing a vast boasted supply of tremendously incalculable supernatural power that surpasses all of his siblings, including the archangels, being effectively invincible and allowing him to change reality, being able to do and create basically anything he wishes out of thin air and nothingness such as illusions, fantasy, portals, beings etc. in gestures, snap of fingers, winks or even just thoughts. For instance, he killed a fallen angel with a fiery touch, and sent the archangel Uriel away with a snap of his fingers. When confronted by ordinary angels, Oracle can toss them around like rag-dolls, throw them into other dimensions, and teleport them around by gesturing his hands and snapping his fingers. He can also manipulate space, time and reality to his will, by simply willing it. He can manipulate and control the physical world in his presence and create solid matter out of nothing. Having great power and dexterity, Oracle can easily overpower humans and angels. Oracle possesses authority and incalculable power; which is second only to God Himself. His power is rivaled only by the God and Death, and can be matched by his Archangel siblings, including Michael and Lucifer. Being the Original Angel, he is louder, larger, and more powerful than all other angels.
      • Divine Powers - Being the Original Angel, Oracle's Seraphim nature gives him divine grace and powers that allows him to be much more powerful and faster than any being under him. When using this power, he will not flinch when hit. Oracle's blades become more powerful and move quicker, along with his wings.
      • Indomitable Will - Oracle cannot feel fear or any other negative emotions.
      • Holy Abilities - Oracle possesses immense holy powers. All of the attacks are light-blue colored, showing its holiness. His attacks are also long range and can hold off enemies.
    • Immortality - As the Original Angel, Oracle, as like with all celestial angelic beings, has an indefinitely long lifespan, is both ageless and immortal, is capable of living forever, and will never die or grow old. His body doesn't weaken or age over time, as he is not underneath time. He is not subjected to time, aging, or diseases or affected by and is immune to diseases and/or toxins, and he does not require food, water, sleep or oxygen to sustain himself. However, as the Original Angel, he was present before the Universe, making him well over 13.8 billion years old, even far much older than the Earth and the Universe itself. Oracle does, however, like all celestial beings because they're all siblings of one another, age and mature, as he is the oldest angelic being in all of creation. He's practically indestructible, but Death's Scythe can kill and hurt him.
      • Advanced Immunity - Oracle is completely immune to a variety of angelic weaknesses. He is resilient to Holy Fire, although he still found it agonizing, damaging and able to temporarily banish him; unlike other angels, it couldn't kill him.
      • Advanced Invulnerability - As the Original Seraphim Angel, Oracle is next to completely indestructible, cannot be killed by any conventional weapons or other beings, and is resistant and impervious to any form of harm or discomfort whatsoever, and can't even be harmed by other beings, unless something angelic is involved, or if he is fighting an archangel, however certain weapons (such as an Death's Scythe) can kill him. He is resistant to any magical or supernatural forces. Oracle can utterly annihilate and destroy any curse or evil power cast over anybody or anything. Even Holy Fire was only able to banish him for a short time. Only God and Death are capable of killing Oracle. There are very few things able to kill Oracle as he has shown to be impervious to most forms of harm. He possesses accelerated healing abilities that allow him to heal wounds that would kill a human in seconds, if not instantly. He is unharmed by extreme temperatures. He is immune to all ailments and is immortal, able to fully heal from any non-supernatural wound regardless of its fatality.
      • Indestructibility - Oracle is immune to practically every form of harm as seen when he was unfazed from being stabbed in the back by an angel blade. Enochian signs are useless against him. However, only God and Death can kill him.
      • Regenerative Healing Factor - If or when Oracle does get or becomes damaged by something angelic in any ways, he can and is able to heal all the wound(s), even mortal ones, in moments instantly and completely. For instance, his whole body was set ablaze by Holy Fire, but upon his return minutes later, he didn't have a scratch either on his skin or even his clothing. Using this power, he can heal himself of damage even to the subatomic level while at the same time healing himself.
    • Nigh-Omniscience - As the Original Seraphim Angel, Oracle possesses an immensely tremendous amount of acute heightened knowledge, awareness, and perception of every event happening in the entire Universe and his knowledge, cleverness, and wisdom is near-absolute. He even possesses an acute knowledge of many creatures, even his own kind. He also possesses a keen sense of spiritual realms. Oracle can also read the minds of angels. However, his knowledge exceeds that of the Archangels, making Oracle practically omniscient.
      • Advanced Eidetic Memory - As the Original Seraphim Angel, Oracle has the names, faces, and wings of every angel in creation etched into his memory. This ability also makes him aware of reality warping and timeline changes.
      • Precognition - Oracle possesses the power to see into and accurately predict the future, and unlike even the archangels, also sees the entire full picture.

  • Master Skilled Fighter - Being the Original Angel and a masterly trained warrior of God, as well as the trainer of the Holy Hosts, Oracle has also shown himself to be a master skilled unarmed fighter, capable of holding his own against the Archangels. He has extremely quick reflexes and a steady hand.
  • Master Swordsmanship - As physically the strongest of all his angelic siblings, Oracle is a master skilled swordsman in swordplay with angelic blades, having defeated several dozen angels, even ones almost as powerful as him, on many occasions, despite even being outnumbered. He can use swords, scythes, knifes, blades, and axes in ways that are impossible even his archangel siblings to achieve.
  • Nigh-Supreme Supernatural Speed - Oracle's speed makes him appear as a blur of motion to the human eye at supersonic speeds, allowing him to travel from one end of the cosmos to another instantly. He is capable of moving at speeds that rival that of all other angels, including the archangels.
    • Molecular Acceleration - With his speed, Oracle can speed up the molecules of an object allowing him to blow them up.
    • Accelerated Momentum - By using his super fast reaction and perception of the world, Oracle can see the world nearly frozen while he is making his move.
  • Nigh-Supreme Supernatural Stamina - As the Original Seraphim Angel, Oracle’s stamina in incalculable and he does not need to eat, sleep, breathe, or blink and needs nothing to maintain strength, to strive or operate, as he is self-sufficient.
  • Nigh-Supreme Supernatural Strength - Being the Original Angel and as the first, oldest, strongest, mightiest, highest-ranking, and most powerful celestial angelic being in all of God's creations, beneath God himself, Oracle exhibits the highest levels of dramatically increased physical strength than any other angel, being endowed with immensely impressive amounts of dramatically increased super physical strength that is astronomically incalculable and he can exert tremendous amounts of physical force, allowing him to be able to exert steel-bending levels of physical power, strike with considerable force, single-handedly send angels across a field, lift enormous weights with ease, effortlessly move objects and press weights on the planetary scale. Oracle is physically even much stronger than and can and is also easily capable of overpowering and killing even the strongest his angelic siblings, including Malakhim, Powers, Cherubim, and even Archangels, with his might with ease, as seen when he was able to kill groups of angels without apparent injury to himself, albeit after catching them by surprise, fought against his younger brother Neo, Raphael's soldiers, Raphael himself, Uriel, or against even Michael and even Lucifer himself. Though he typically seems to attempt to avoid fighting, Oracle is a very formidable physical opponent when need be, and is unstoppable when facing other beings. Oracle possesses such strength the he has proved that he is capable of overpowering common angels with ease. He is even so incredibly strong in his own right that he can overpower an archangel such as Uriel, who himself also possesses high levels of super strength. As Uriel exhibited superhuman strength when battling two cherubs, Oracle also possesses such physical power as well when he sufficiently overpowered the seven archangels at once; as shown when he single-handedly shoved one away with above-average force. During training, Oracle was able to send Uriel flying through a wall. Even against the Archangels, such as seen with Raphael, Uriel, Michael and even Lucifer, Oracle was more than a threat against them. Oracle also proved to be strong enough to rupture a steel wall just by merely touching it. His immense strength and powers are only somewhat rivaled by Michael's own. Only God and Death can stop or restrain Oracle, as they are the only exceptions to his overwhelming strength.
  • Wings - As a corporeal angel, Oracle possesses a set of enormous feathery phoenix-like wings and can manifest/unfurl them from his upper back to protect him from gunfire.
    • Flight - As the highest angel, like regular angels, Oracle possesses a set of large feathered phoenix-like wings that he can and is able to manifest/spread as he pleases along with his body and can use them to fly at his will by spreading his wings out and instantly taking flight, allowing him to fly through the heavens with his large phoenix-like wings under his own power; his wings seem to merely flap gently and slowly while while flying, gliding, or levitating. Even when not in his vessel, Oracle can fly. His high-speed flight is further exemplified by his ability to escape explosions, and the sonic boom left in his wake has the power to overturn and tow rows of heavy vehicles and debris. His sonic boom almost destroyed a city block.
    • Wing Shields - His wings are impenetrable to arrows, blades, and swords. They provide him with shielding from even the heaviest and most powerful attacks, even from weapons of Heaven.
    • Wing Blades - His feathers, when swung fast enough, can severe flesh and dismember his opponents. Additionally, his wings are so sharp that they can cut through any substance and penetrate just about anything, thus making them the sharpest wing blades of all angels.

  • Advanced Healing Tough - Like all angel's, Oracle can and has the ability to not only easily and magically heal and cure others of any of their injuries, wounds, diseases, and ailments they possess with a simple touch, but he can also cure the bodily wounds and illnesses suffered by others, even those of a supernatural origin.
  • Apporting - Oracle can summon and banish any angel at his command. He can send angels away with a simple snap of his fingers, as he did with the archangel Uriel.
  • Heat Vision - Oracle can burn objects with his gaze.
  • Intangibility - Oracle can easily pass through solid matter.
  • Invisibility - Oracle can make himself unseen and unheard by any or all creatures and become completely invisible to even his own kind, including the Archangels.
  • Nigh-Supreme Reality Warping - Being the Original Angel, Oracle is a master with this power and can accomplish just about anything and everything with it, making him practically omnipotent. Like the Archangels, Cherubim, and some Powers and Malakhim, Oracle can, in one instance, instantly alter and change the very nature of physical reality, albeit to among the greatest degree, greater than the archangels. He can warp reality, whether it be by making and creating anything he wants, such as things/living beings, appear out of thin air, by reshaping objects into something else entirely, or by creating unreal dimensions, wormholes and large time loops. He easily fooled the Archangels into thinking they beat him. None of them knew it was a trick and believed Oracle was in fact defeated until he struck at them.
    • Illusion Casting - Oracle is a master of trickery, even greater than all the Archangels.
    • Conjuration - Oracle can create basically anything and everything out of thin air, whether it be people, creatures, beings, locations, planets, or objects.
    • Self-Duplication - Oracle can create another duplicate of himself to deceive others, as he did a number of times with those who tried to kill him, like with Pagan Gods and even several times with his archangelic siblings.
  • Removal of Any Warding - As the Original Angel, Oracle can apparently erase the warding without being affected by it.
  • Resurrection - As the Original Seraphim Angel, Oracle, like all angels, can and is easily able to revive and resurrect dead beings.
  • Spell Casting - As the Original Seraphim Angel, Oracle has extensive knowledge of Enochian symbols and spells which he has used for a variety of effects. Oracle basically knows every single spell there. He can also cast and de-spell any and every one of even the most powerful spells with the snap of his fingers. Oracle also once was able to cast the spell that activated the Horn of Gabriel to call all fallen angels on Earth.
  • Supreme Implosion Smiting - Being the Original Angel, Oracle's angelic killing touch is much more powerful than that of any angel, including the archangels. When Oracle uses this ability, it is in a powerful, unusual way. The light that emerged from the victims face, was pure white, and it also has the usual tinge of yellow. Also, unlike any other smiting we have seen, the holy light doesn't just leave the victims eyes and mouth, but it breaks through their skin, burning their whole face. When this happens, a strong white light appears from the eyes and mouth of the victim and burns them from the inside out. It is revealed that this power burns out the eyes of the being it is used on and liquefies all of their organs.
  • Supreme Holy Illumination White Light - Being imbued with holy white light, Oracle, like all the Archangels, can and is able to summon, create, generate, release, or radiate a powerful, overwhelming, glorious, blinding divine light as intense burning energy from through the palm of his hands, in a similar but stronger fashion compared to that of an Archangel, that is capable of obliterating and destroying anything from other living things to entire cities and buildings. This power can also be controlled as Oracle can choose who or what was affected by his and how much it hurt them (if he chose not to kill with it). He also is capable of using it to blast a door open.
  • Teleportation - Being the Original Seraphim Angel, Oracle is a master at teleportation. As an angel, Oracle, like all celestial beings, can and possesses the ability to easily travel, vanish, and reappear anywhere in time, space, and any place on the face of existence from one place to another instantly, without occupying the space in between and even take others with him. He can also take others with him, in the blink of an eye and move in and out of a place instantly, and he has great speed and agility. Oracle can also teleport others to and from any location with a snap of his fingers, including other angels, whom he can toss around like rag dolls with his magic. He can even do this to the archangels. Like with all angels, whenever he uses this power, this is accompanied with the sound of wings flapping and a sudden rush of air can be heard. But he can teleport without hearing sound of flapping wings or a rush of air.
  • Weather Manipulation - As the Original Seraphim Angel, Oracle has the power to influence and control the weather and and all of its forms with ease. His control over the weather exceeds even his own archangelic siblings. Upon arriving, he caused sudden severe winds. Oracle can change the weather upon first emergence. His sheer presence also can drastically alter the weather and surroundings and he is capable of controlling meteorological tempests, such as causing powerful raging rain, wind, hurricanes, blizzards, thunderstorms, and lightning storms, creating tremendous earthquakes, fire, lava, and tremor attacks, summoning massive tidal waves, and generating strong air-currents, huge tornadoes, and even mist.
    • Elemental Control - Like all archangels, Oracle is capable of manipulating wind, fire, light, and lightning.
      • Electrokinesis - Oracle can generate strong electrical currents from his body, as well as manipulate and control electricity. Oracle also once caused the alarms on a machine connected to a human to turn off with just a wave of his hand.
      • Pyrokinesis - Oracle can and was able to light two candles from afar with only just a thought.
  • X-Ray Vision - Oracle can see through walls and other solid objects.
  • Vanquishing - Oracle can vanquish humans, animals, monsters, spirits, demons, and even his angelic siblings just by touching them.

  • Advanced Electrokinesis - Oracle can manipulate, control, and generate electricity with such intensity that he can create strong and powerful electrical currents from his body, as well as manipulate and control electricity effectively.
  • Advanced Pyrokinesis - Oracle cannot only just create fire, but he can also generate, summon, control, manipulate, and extinguish fire effectively and can also ignite any object or thing by touch. Oracle also displayed this ability when he extinguished the circle of holy fire that trapped an angel. With it, he can incinerate just about anything. When he used this ability to incinerate/kill a fallen angel, it destroyed the angel and the vessel, turning the latter into nothing but ash and burning her from the inside out, suggesting the fire is spiritual as well as physical.
  • Advanced Thermokinesis - Oracle can heighten, alter, or even lower his own body temperature or that of other creatures, environments, objects, and of their surroundings.
  • Biokinesis - With a snapping of his fingers, Oracle, by snapping or clicking their fingers, can spontaneously destroy angels by speeding up molecules to the point where it can cause an individual to explode.
  • Empathy - Oracle can and is able to read and feel/sense the emotions of humans, spirits, monsters, other creatures, and even his own kind. Oracle is also able to sense a fallen angel's desire for forgiveness, whether they're worthy of redemption or not.
  • Nigh-Supreme Telekinesis - Oracle is a highly powerful telekinetic, being able to have the ability to move and control objects and even people with his mind effortlessly, imparting kinetic energy on matter with his mind, moving people and/or objects, just by thinking; he is even able to move objects in areas where he hadn't fully arrived. Oracle is mentally influential on beings and objects. Being refined in this power, Oracle has among the greatest power and range with this than other beings, even the archangels. He also threw Samuel around the room during their fight. Although all of his younger angelic siblings are powerful celestial beings, they, even the archangels, are no match for their oldest brother. This further proved that even the power of even the archangels can't even compare with the immense powers of the Original Angel. He even managed to use his telekinesis to throw his younger brothers Michael and Lucifer across a room with considerable force, although they were both caught off guard at the time and quickly recovered.
  • Nigh-Supreme Telepathy - Oracle can, is able to and has the ability to communicate using his minds and hear, read, feel, and sense the minds, thoughts, and emotions of even his own kind. He can also enter and communicate with others in their dreams using telepathy. Oracle can tap into "angel radio" as well as read the minds of humans. By placing a hand on two people, he can let the first person listen to the thoughts of the second.
    • Dream Walking - Oracle like all angels, can enter the dreams and mind of humans and can also appear in peoples' dreams, and they usually use this ability to communicate when they can't find the person they're looking for, or when they want to talk privately.
    • Induced Sedation - Just like an average angel, Oracle, like all angels, can sedate humans by touching their forehead by inducing instant unconsciousness in humans, causing humans to fall to the ground unconscious just by touching, tapping, or simply placing two fingers on their forehead.
    • Memory/Mental Manipulation - By placing his hand on a beings forehead, Oracle can and is able to manipulate a person's mind, being able to create, erase, fabricate, remove, alter, fabricate, or restore the memories of people and/or simply alter perception of humans of events altogether.
  • Pathokinesis - An ability unique to himself, Oracle has the power to manipulate the emotions of others.
  • Terrakinesis - Oracle can and is able to cause tremors, powerful full-fledged earthquakes, and avalanches either by through thought or merely his presence alone, regardless of whether he is in a vessel or not.

Weaknesses Edit

Even though Oracle is the Original Angel, thus a Primordial Angel, and despite the fact the he is the first, oldest, strongest, mightiest, highest-ranking, and most powerful angel ever created in existence, even he still has weaknesses of his own. But being the Original Angel, he has fewer, even in comparison to the archangels, even Michael and Lucifer. Their is very little, if not, next to nothing capable of killing or even harming Oracle, making him next to truly indestructible. While the Archangels can fight him on almost even terms, only God and Death are stronger than and can kill Oracle, albeit not without effort.

  • God - As the creator and father of Oracle and being the most powerful being in existence in the universe, God is more powerful than and can kill Oracle, being the one who created him, and can destroy or unmake him with ease. However, because of God's unconditional love for His angels, Oracle has never feared God's wrath.
  • Death - As literally the bringer of death and being older and more powerful than Oracle, Death can kill any being and anything, including Oracle, but except God.
    • Death's Scythe - As the weapon of the Pale Horseman himself and arguably the most powerful weapon in the universe, Death's Scythe can kill anything, therefore it can kill or, at the very least, greatly harm Oracle.
  • Archangels - Despite the fact that Oracle is older, faster, stronger, higher-ranking, more powerful and a more skilled fighter than all the Archangels combined, even just one of them are however strong enough to fight him on almost even terms, especially when together.