The Celestial Council are an ancient and powerful group of angels who represent light and positivity in Heaven. Being God's chief advisers, the Council is responsible for advising God, and from time to time, informing on situations going on in Heaven. They advised God to imprison Lucifer and his followers in Heaven's Dungeon. They also advised God to banish the Fallen Angels out of Heaven.

Members Edit

The following angels listed are members of the Council, due to their rank and status in the Heavenly Host.

  • Oracle, as the Trainer of the Host of Heaven
  • Michael, as the Commander of the Host of Heaven
  • Zachariah, as the Master of the Cherubim
  • Metatron, as the Scribe of God
  • Camael, as the Leader of the Powers
  • Remiel, as the Head of the Principalities
  • Amenadiel, as the Highest of the Malakhim
  • Samyaza, as the Captain of the Dominions
  • Ephiram, as the Chief of the Virtues
  • Ambriel, as the Top of the Thrones

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